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My blog

Posted by reeeeeen on June 22, 2007

This is my first blog post, EVER. 

Is this thing on?  Hello? 


8 Responses to “My blog”

  1. jolynna said


    And, welcome! I haven’t been blogging very long myself.

    Anyway, I am having trouble seeing your pictures. I do want to see them and am looking forward to more recipes and hearing about your garden.

  2. reeeeeen said

    Hi back at ya! What kind of trouble are you having? When I look at the page, the pictues come up right away in a new window.

  3. jolynna said

    Hi reeeen,

    I am just seeing pictures of the a window and shutters and not of any flowers.

  4. jolynna said

    Oooops….it was my fault.

    I see the pictures now. You did a great job. I am looking forward to seeing more flower beds and garden pictures!!!

    Sorry for the confusion…and again, welcome.

  5. kollerscottage said

    Hello and Welcome to the blogosphere. I actually am on my 5th blog, and I’m hoping to stick with it this time around. Look forward to getting to know you.

    from It could be worse!

  6. reeeeeen said

    Testing my name/blog link.

  7. your friend said

    where did you go my friend?

  8. BigRed1 said

    You loved to do it!

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