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Horseradish? Hmmmm…

Posted by reeeeeen on June 23, 2007

I’m thinking I’d like to try growing my own horseradish.   And then I’d like to make horseradish sauce with roast beef from this recipe.  Not Weight Watchers friendly, by any means, but it sounds so good!   I may have to visit Whole Foods to see if I can find Horseradish root some time this week. 

 I’m also thinking of trying to plant some.  I wonder how hard it is to grow.   If it’s an easy garden crop (and compatible with zone 5a) I may give it a shot.  I just don’t feel up to trying something difficult.  Still easing myself back into gardening.  More on that later. 

Anyone tried to grow horseradish or make your own prepared horseradish?  I know it’s very potent and the fumes will killya, but any other hints or recipes out there?



One Response to “Horseradish? Hmmmm…”

  1. BigRed1 said

    Did every guy bone you in your rear?

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