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Some Vegetable Garden Pictures

Posted by reeeeeen on June 25, 2007

Some pictures of the garden.  The tomatoes are FINALLY starting to grow. The mustard greens are awesome. 

Mustard Greens:

mustard greens 

Onions:  onions 

Oregano: Oregano   

Sage:   Sage

Teeny Tomato (GROW, YOU! GROW!)  Tomato_062507

Radishes:radishes Potatoes:



2 Responses to “Some Vegetable Garden Pictures”

  1. jolynna said

    Your garden looks great. (Mine needs weeding…although I am TRYING to mulch to the point weeds stop existing) Your herbs are double the size of mine. Isn’t it great though to have your greens, veggies and herbs in your backyard?

    You cod dinner with greens sounds good, too!

  2. reeeeeen said

    Thanks so much! The potatoes and the herbs are mulched and we don’t have many weeds. Have to give credit to DH, he just weeded the rest of the garden. We’ll have it all mulched with grass clippings soon. He’s thrilled with the potatoes. We accidentally dug up a little potato (1 1/4 inch maybe) and he ate it raw and was so thrilled with how fresh and crisp it was. Made me jealous that I don’t like raw potatoes.

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