DY•NAM•IC [dahy-NAM-ik] -of motion. EC•LEC•TIC [i-KLEK-tik] –of varied interests and topics.

Hell’s Kitchen

Posted by reeeeeen on July 3, 2007

Re: Michelle in last night’s episode 

Isn’t it a basic rule of restaurant (or, frankly even home cooking) to tie your hair back???  Seriously I was waiting through the entire episode for that crazy @#$@#$’s nasty uncombed matted hair to end up in one dish or another. 

Must be something I was missing about her, unless she’s only staying for the drama.  I don’t see the talent, the teamwork, the leadership ability, none of it.   But I guess they’re doing something right, since I’ll be tuning in next week to see the boys give her a righteous beat down.   



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