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Flower Pictures

Posted by reeeeeen on July 4, 2007

Here’s a pretty yellow daisy looking flower that I put next to the mailbox.  It really brightens up the front walk! 

UPDATE:  I’ve been informed that this IS a Gerbera Daisy (thanks, lkbauer0623!)  .  I think I may plant it in the ground.  Now my hopes are raised again.  I’ve yet to have a daisy come back the second year but I suppose getting it in the ground (you can’t really tell in this pictures, but it’s in a large pot) would be a good first step.  Maybe if I don’t tell it I know it’s a daisy it will live for me….

 Yellow Blooms

My Black Eyed Susans are ready to bloom any minute now. 

Black Eyed Susans Black Eyed Susans Getting Ready To POP


2 Responses to “Flower Pictures”

  1. lkbauer0623 said

    the first one is a Gerbera Daisy- really nice flowers!

  2. reeeeeen said

    Hmm… Wonder how long it’ll live. It’s probably already writing its little flower last will and testament.

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