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Tonight’s Dinner – Lazy Tuna non-Kabobs

Posted by reeeeeen on July 11, 2007

Yesterday I was looking for ideas on what to make for dinner.  My brother (thanks, dude!) suggested kabobs.  So I went online and randomly googled recipes to get ideas and went to the store without any idea of what I was doing (usually a bad idea — worked out this time though.)

Fresh tuna steaks were on sale so I bought the smallest one there (.40 lb), and a zucchini, a vidalia onion, and a couple lemons.

I cut four cuts into each lemon (like cutting them into quarters but not all the way through), and peeled 4 big cloves of garlic and put the garlic and lemons in the microwave on high for around 7 minutes until the lemons gave out their juice, and the garlic and lemons were very soft.  I let them cool until I could handle them and then squeezed the rest of the juice of the lemon out, and cut 1/2 of a lemon off and scraped the peel until there was no white pith left, discarding the rest of the lemon and pith, saving the juice.  I cut the yellow zest into small pieces.  I put the juice (removing the seeds), garlic, the zest, some freshly cracked pepper and a tsp of olive oil into a processer and pulsed it until it was smooth. 

I cut the onion and zucchini into small chunks (about 1 1/2 inch) and the tuna into 4 pieces and put the lemon mixture and the tuna and veggies into a ziploc together, massaged the marinade into it and refrigerated it, turning every few minutes.

I put enough whole grain rice to make a cup of cooked rice (Royal Blend Whole Grain is my absolute favorite) on to cook and when it was about 10 mins away from being done I put the marinated veggies and fish (at this point they’d marinated around 25 mins) onto a cookie sheet and broiled them on high, turning once until they were cooked and slightly charred here and there.   Because the tuna was cut larger, it was done perfectly and still very tender, while the veggies were nicely cooked and not overdone.

It was a WONDERFUL, tasty and easy meal.  I figured out around 10 – 12 points (it made two filling dinners (last night and tonight) — the whole grain rice REALLY fills out a meal), and the cooked lemon and zest is so much more flavorful than straight lemon juice! 

And the best part?  For less than 7 dollars I made 2 healthy low point dinners (I already had the rice and garlic – still a good buy if I’d had to buy them.)



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