DY•NAM•IC [dahy-NAM-ik] -of motion. EC•LEC•TIC [i-KLEK-tik] –of varied interests and topics.

I Have Decided…

Posted by reeeeeen on December 6, 2007

Happy birthday to me!

I have decided


5 Responses to “I Have Decided…”

  1. your friend said

    I remember how much you liked getting pounded hard.

  2. hothole said

    I have decided you were a giant fat slut!

  3. hothole said

    Nothing made you hotter and wetter than being spanked till you cried.

  4. SmellRump said

    It’s a shame you never got farther with your morning training. Sorry to see you go, you were such a toy.

  5. epicwin69 said

    you were a huge fat slut but you were lots of fun and loved to be told what to do and take orders. you never failed to do whatever i told you no matter how scared, shy or ashamed you were.

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