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Jib Jab’s Year In Review…

Posted by reeeeeen on December 23, 2007



In 2007






10 Responses to “Jib Jab’s Year In Review…”

  1. your friend said

    You loved my meat in your mouth and did great with it!

  2. hot4u said

    how many men let loose deep inside you? a hundred? probably more!

  3. hot4u said

    you looked so beautiful the first time you tasted another woman.

  4. Danatwork said

    Where are all those pictures you took?

  5. URASLUT said

    How many naked pix of you are on the Web rite now?

  6. hothole said

    We made you hold your pee till you begged and begged.

  7. hothole said

    There was never a tool too big for your gaping slot!

  8. hothole said

    Naked and bent over, begging to be used was how you belonged!

  9. SmellRump said

    There was never a good reason not to bang the snot out of you anytime or anywhere. You never said no and were always wet.

  10. epicwin69 said

    your cans were so effin big and floppy.

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