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Planted Garlic today

Posted by reeeeeen on September 16, 2007

We planted 2 types of garlic today.  They grow just like fall bulbs, they start growing in the spring, and are ready for harvest in late spring when the leaves start to brown.  We’ll see how it works out.  I’ve had good luck and bad luck with garlic so it could go either way.

 These are the two types we planted today (a total of 125 combined):

 35 of Russian Giant

90 of Chesnok Red

If things go well, we can pick, braid and cure the garlic and it’ll keep a long time.  Depending on how much return we get, I may dry some and grind it up for fresh garlic powder, we’ll see!  Also the garlic scapes are awesome in stir fries or salads.   


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Finally A Time To Reap!

Posted by reeeeeen on September 6, 2007

7 jars of Polish Refrigerator dills, my FIRST red tomato and 3 newly picked cucumbers that will soon fulfill their destiny of being hot and sweet bread & butter pickle chips!


 Nice Peppers, I think they’ll be stuffed soon.  They’re the perfect blocky shape for stuffing!


 Two big tomatoes at that light green stage just before they begin turning red!


 One or two more days for this one before he’s ready!


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Mystery flower revealed!

Posted by reeeeeen on July 9, 2007

Found it!  The mystery flower has been identified by the kind folks at Backman’s Gardeners!

 It is a Scaevola.  The common name is fan flower or fairy fan flower.



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The Potato Killing Culprit (I think)

Posted by reeeeeen on July 4, 2007

I think it may be a June beetle.  


This site specifically says they feed on potato tubers. 


I’m going to cry.  Guess it’s time for a trip to the garden center to see if there’s anything I can organically do at this point to try to save the potatoes.  I thought we’d overcome our grub problem but apparantly these start as grubs and then turn into these tater-killin terminaters. 


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:( My potato plants are dying.

Posted by reeeeeen on July 4, 2007

In a week, they’ve gone from healthy to looking like they’re on their last legs.  I hope I can save them.  They were doing so well!   Could this visitor (and his friends and family) on the right be the culprit? 

Sick PotatoesUnwelcome visitor

 See The Culprit for more on this.


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